Circular economy

Simple principles to make a big difference

economia circolare simap

A circular economy model plans all product life cycle stages (design, production, consumption, destination, lifetime end) to ensure that the materials employed can be reused in new production cycles, thus minimising consumption of resources, energy demands and environmental impact.

A circular economy regenerates autonomously, transforming waste materials into resources to supply the manufacturing industry without sacrificing our future: post-consumer plastic waste in Europe totalled 29.1 million tons in 2018, of which 9.4 million tons (32.5%) were reused, representing a 100% increase compared to 2006 and halving the amount of material sent to landfill.

Production processes

Rethinking production processes requires a change in mindset, using new materials and adopting innovative technologies

Products Recycling

Making products and components designed to be reused and reprocessed, makes it possible to use our limited resources without destroying them.

Wastes and Resources

As nature teaches us that each plant and each creature is perfectly interconnected, our economy must adopt a system wherein the wastes of one process become the resources of another

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